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~ Meet Our AUS & N Z Organisers ~

Eve Marie

Global Organiser 
ISTA Pracitioner Training Organiser
ISTA Level 1 & 2 Co-Organiser, Sydney

Eve Marie is a Somatic Sex Educator, Intimacy & Tantra Coach, Yoga Teacher, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist & Counsellor. She has spent the past 13 years studying sacred sexuality and has had a successful full time practice in Byron Bay & Sydney for the last 8 years. Eve was the lead  Organiser for the very successful 2011 & 2012 ISTA Sex & Consciousness Conferences in Byron Bay, is the co-creator of Sex Sonics and was the founding visionary of The Sydney Tantra Temple.

As a Somatic Sex Educator, I work to connect my clients with their bodies, with their sensations and their natural and healthy capacity for erotic expression. As an Intimacy Coach I help to bring a depth of honesty and care into all of my client’s relations. My journey has taken me deep into the practices of Tantra and into the Taoist and Shamanic practices of Sexual Healing. I work to help others to release their armor and defenses, to become free of the things that block us from feeling, loving, and sharing our truth. In understanding the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, we can step into a place of beauty, power, and real interaction which everyone craves. These energies are a part of the core of our beings and form the foundation of self-love. My path is to spread awareness of the healthy sexual energies and of their place in conscious, loving relationships.

Marion Ellyard

Taste of Love Festival Organiser
ISTA Level 1,2 & 3 Organiser, Byron Bay

Marion's journey with tantric sexuality started when she was around 14, reading a historical book on the Greek temple priestresses 'hetairais'. Since that moment a deep remembering was awakened that an inner marriage to the divine lifeforce itself was possible and that we can share life on earth as feeling already healed and whole, honouring and respecting creation and each other.

To come closer to this longing Marion was motivated since leaving school to heal herself and her sexuality, which in the last 20 years has drawn her to art, dance, yoga (teachers certificate), meditation (meditation instructor), monastic lifestyle, extensive personal growth courses, Advaita Vedanta, Vadrajana Buddhism, shamanism, business (14 years business ownership), healing arts (10 year full time massage and healing clinic, Diplomas of massage and numerous body work modalities), years of travelling, motherhood, marriage and divorce and exploration of different forms of sexuality including fetish and kink.


Sean O'Faolain

ISTA Level 1 Organiser, Melbourne

Sean is passionate about empowering individuals to live to their full potential as spiritual sexual beings, using ancient and modern tantric and sacred sexuality teachings.   

Since discovering Tantra and sacred sexuality seven years ago, he has been studying intensively under many different tantric traditions and lineages.  He has a long established background in yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance and is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Transpersonal Counsellor, Sexological Bodyworker and Massage Therapist and is currently studying Gestalt Psychotherapy to give him greater skills in serving the unique needs of each individual.

Regan Pryor

Eden Festival Co-Organiser
ISTA Level 1, 2 & 3 Organiser New Zealand

Regan is one of the main organizers of ISTA conferences and trainings in New Zealand with his co-organiser Kira Sta. He is also a Faculty Teacher.
Regan is the co-creator of Rataroa Retreats, a retreat center that bring people back to their place in nature. He has years of experience in facilitation of men’s groups, youth development, and permaculture work, and outdoors retreats.

Regan was drawn to Tantra for its encouragement of people to be authentically themselves.  Fueled by his desire to create a better world for his children, he empowers people to let go of their conditioning and live in their bliss.  Regan holds a strong, masculine space and in his presence people feel safe, deeply supported, and free of judgement.  He is dedicated to open, honest communication with integrity and love.