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~ Meet Our AUS & NZ Faculty ~

Bruce Lyon (NZ)

Governance & Lead Faculty

Bruce loves to explore the places where the personal, planetary and cosmic journey meet, and to guide others on their initiatory journey into the life force that lies behind both the esoteric and erotic dimensions of love.

His chosen spiritual path was the TransHimalayan tradition but he has a background in many different pathways and trained with many teachers. In 2000 he co-founded Shamballa School  ( – and has taught extensively around the world for the last decade. He has degrees in ecology, psychology, astrology, and the esoteric arts and sciences.

Janine McDonald (AUS)

Governance & Lead Faculty

Janine is passionate about sacred sexuality. Embodying the life force energy, sacred union within and living from the heart fire is her inspiration and purpose. She has immersed herself in sacred sexuality teachings from many ancient and modern traditions and temple arts. Spending a large part of her life on an ascendent spiritual path her greatest learning has come from life and the path of descent. Descending into the body, into the dark recesses of herself and feeling the heights of ecstasy grounded in the depths of the dark. She embraces both light and dark.

Ellie Wilde (NZ)

Faculty Teacher

Ellie Wilde is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship and Love Coach. She supports individuals couples and groups wanting to improve their intimate relationships, expand their sexuality and clear issues that are stopping them from connecting deeply with others and experiencing more pleasure, ease and bliss in their lives. Her work in the field of Sacred Sexuality over the last 5 years has centred around helping people move through their resistance and to develop their capacity to love and be loved.

Her personal journey and involvement in Sacred Sexuality work has taught her the amazing capacity and potential for sexuality to help us reclaim the parts of ourselves that have become fragmented , detached or forgotten and to fully realize who we are as Divine Human Beings.

Sean O'Faolain (AUS)

Faculty Teacher

Sean is passionate about empowering individuals to live to their full potential as spiritual sexual beings, using ancient and modern tantric and sacred sexuality teachings.   

Since discovering Tantra and sacred sexuality seven years ago, he has been studying intensively under many different tantric traditions and lineages.  He has a long established background in yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance and is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Transpersonal Counsellor, Sexological Bodyworker and Massage Therapist and is currently studying Gestalt Psychotherapy to give him greater skills in serving the unique needs of each individual.

Stephanie Phillips (AUS)

Faculty Teacher

I've been a teacher, guide and coach for over 35 years. I've facilitated all sorts of people through different modalities of self awareness including Mindfulness, Gestalt therapy, movement meditation, dance expression, humanistic psychology, NLP, Tantra, shamanic practices, conscious sexuality and the healing arts.

My bodywork mastery was honed from private practice in Remedial massage, Polarity therapy, Reiki, body de-armouring, and Reflexology. The energetics came after a freak accident disabled my hand, meaning that I had to change strategy about how I worked with people. There's another art-form - creating the magic out of the mud!

Regan Pryor (NZ)

Faculty Teacher

Regan is the co-creator of Rataroa Retreats, a retreat center that bring people back to their place in nature. He has years of experience in facilitation of men’s groups, youth development, and permaculture work, and outdoors retreats.

Regan was drawn to Tantra for its encouragement of people to be authentically themselves.  Fueled by his desire to create a better world for his children, he empowers people to let go of their conditioning and live in their bliss.  Regan holds a strong, masculine space and in his presence people feel safe, deeply supported, and free of judgement.  He is dedicated to open, honest communication with integrity and love.

Rex McCann (NZ)

Governance/ Lead Faculty Teacher

A native New Zealander with a global heart, Rex McCann has been leading transformational programmes with men and women for 25 years. Founder of Essentially Men, the ground breaking mens work of Aotearoa New Zealand, co-founder of the Heart Politics Gatherings and author of Fatherless Sons (Harper Collins) and On Their Own (Finch) he is trained in group work, psychodrama, expressive therapies, co counselling and has a masters in Social Ecology. His experience has been honed from working extensively with groups in all kinds of settings from the wilderness to corporations, prisons to ashrams, and anywhere in the community people are showing up for wisdom. Over his life he has explored diverse mystery traditions, shamanistic practices and spiritual enquiry. His outer world expressions have been diverse - from a young hunter living in the wilderness, to activism, street theatre, trainer, community catalyst and group leadership. He has a solid reputation for leading potent rites of passage and known for his wise and playful style and ability to hold people with love while they shed their skin.

Meet Our Visiting Faculty ~

Ohad Ezrahi (Israel)

Governance/Lead Faculty

Ohad Ezrahi has been teaching Sacred Sexuality, Love and Conscious Relating for more than a decade. His life partner is Dawn Cherie, also faculty in ISTA. He comes from a background of being a Kabbalist for many years and a Rabbi in the Jewish Renewal movement. He is known as one of the leading figures in the spiritual awakening in Israel.

Ohad is the author of seven books, one of them is a revolutionary research on the sacred aspect of Lilith – the wild-dark feminine force, which holds the secrets of healing human sexuality. Another book is a revealing investigation in the erotic concepts behind the ancient Temple of Jerusalem and how to use erotic sacred knowledge as a shamanic track to the divine.

Website: (Hebrew\English)

Triambika Ma Vive (USA)

Lead Faculty Teacher

Triambika, founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute, is a professional sex, intimacy and relationship Coach as well as an international sacred sexuality seminar leader. Based in Southern California, her passion has been in supporting others to transform their shadow into personal power. She offers Tantric Dakini Mentorships and Women’s Sensual Empowerment courses throughout the United States, Australia and Europe.
A natural facilitator, Triambika is a clear and articulate channel for the teachings of Erotic Spirituality and the non-dual dance of Divine masculine and feminine dynamics.
Her extensive practice with the time-honored tradition of Tantra give her a solid foundation for contemporary methods of awakening consciousness.

Baba Dez Nichols (USA)

Wisdom Circle/Lead Faculty Teacher

BABA DEZ NICHOLS is a Internationally renowned speaker and teacher, Daka, author, singer-songwriter, and transformational guide who has been featured on numerous TV and Radio shows for his contribution in the Healing Arts and evolving human consciousness. He is a global networker and seeder of loving freedom who teaches the Sacred Temple Arts to share, inspire, and support others in the activation and integration of life force energy. 

He is the founder of the International Schools of Temple Arts (ISTA) and the Annual Sexuality and Consciousness Festivals and Conferences around the world and is one of the ISTA lead faculty.  Today his passion is supporting other educators, therapists, councilors, and guides to deepen their skill, presence, and mastery in the areas of healthy living, relationships, and sexuality.


Laurie Handlers (USA)

Lead Faculty Teacher

Laurie Handlers is a sex educator, movie producer, radio show host, author, and intimacy coach. She holds a Masters in Education and a Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader. She’s a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women, men, couples, singles, parents and teens since 1978 on communication techniques and secrets that are the basis of healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress. Pod casts from her show Sex and Happiness can be found Laurie stars in a hilarious indie documentary "Tantric Tourists" and her latest is a docudrama “Beyond Dinner”. Her book Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy and her CD "Shamanic Release & Latihan" are samples of her many offerings. 

Raffaello Manacorda (Spain/Italy)

Apprentice Faculty Teacher

Raffaello Manacorda (Raffa) is an international Tantra teacher, Yoga instructor and Daka. He has been practicing Tantra for more than 15 years and has undergone intensive training in several styles of Yoga. After completing a master's degree in Philosophy, Raffa decided to spend more than twelve years living in alternative communities and experimenting with radically alternative lifestyles. It was in this wild years that he first encountered Tantra, the "rebel way to Spirit", and got fascinated with it. This developed into a life-long practice, first on a solo journey, then studying Tantra and Yoga in some of the best worldwide schools. Raffa is proud to have joined the ISTA family and excited to share his gifts in this transformational field.

Raffa is a regular columnist at the Elephant Journal, where he writes about relationships and spirituality. Raffaello is the creator of The Network of Love, a unique workshop on relationships, love, and sexuality. In 2016, Raffa published “Conscious Relationships, The Art of Bringing Awareness to Intimacy & Sexuality”, a practical guide to evolved intimate relationships.

Araminta Barbour (Guatemala)

Faculty Teacher

Founder of the unique retreat space The Sanctuary in Guatemala, Araminta is an International Speaker, Coach and Workshop Facilitator, collaborating with ISTA since 2011. A Certified Red Tent Women's Guide, Araminta has a Master’s Degree in Indian Religions from the University of London (SOAS), 5+ years experience in the sexual reproductive health non-profit sector and over 15 years exploring numerous holistic health modalities and esoteric traditions. A speaker at International Consciousness and Sexuality Conferences in the US and Europe, she has led intensive residential workshops in Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Mexico the United States, and the United Kingdom and currently collaborates with the Online University of Love and Sexuality and the Institute of Conscious Sensuality in Hawaii.

Araminta’s core passion is the process of radical self-acceptance – the inner marriage of love with power. She is here to support the return of ancient temple wisdom and practices for humanity’s evolution as liberated, heart-centred creators. Araminta offers emotional release guidance, transformational workshops in tantra and conscious intimacy coaching.

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Jasmeen Hana (Egypt)

Faculty Teacher

Planetary mid-wife assisting the birth of heaven on earth.

Jasmeen has been exploring the ancient temple arts from a young age. Her upbringing in Egypt and furthered studies and explorations in India have created a foundation based on the ancient mysteries and arts within the influence of Belly dance, yoga and deep meditations as well as the ancient Egyptian embodiment codes. Her rigid religious upbringing in the islamic traditions has offered her a bases in religious mythology, the verse and the symbolism.

"Sacred Sexual healing has been a great transformer for embodying the dream", says Jasmeen. " It is the key to absolute liberation in discovering, witnessing and dancing with the inner Lover". In guiding individuals. couples and groups to their own inner source of Love and " true wild nature" , a vision of Heaven on earth can be fulfilled, when each being remembers their own power and strength of creation and co-creation. 


Dhyan Niten (Spain)

Faculty Teacher

Niten is an international Tantra teacher who facilitates courses for singles and couples. He is a member of Tantra Essence and ISTA faculty apprentice, founder of Tantra Spirit as well as Ibiza Tantra Festival. Having lived for 10 years in India, he studied Indian Classical Music and received various levels of transmission in the field of Tantra.

His passion for natural evolution and the subtleties of personal growth  makes him a gifted facilitator. With clear insights and humour, Niten invites every participant to shake off their conditionings, breakthrough old patterns and reunite with their essential nature. He is currently based in Ibiza, Spain. Apprenticing under Bruce Lyon.

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