Sacred Touch

  Australia & New Zealand Region

Our Vision ~

The vision of ISTA is to expand consciousness and sexuality across the globe.

We are a movement that brings a knowledge base and provides resources to everyone, especially practitioners and guides to enhance their skillsets in all aspects of life mastery. We do this in the form of bringing conferences, events, and trainings to all regions, tapping into the pulse of each culture thereby becoming the thread, or ribbon of intention, connecting these experts around the world. We do this by working with life force energy, the beginning, middle and end of everything. We as humans connect the spirit from above, through our bodies as conduits, to earth below, and in this embodiment of all that is, can experience the essence of universal love.

We live at a unique and critical time on earth. At the same time as we are faced with incredible challenges to the survival of the diversity of life and consciousness on our planet we are experiencing an incredible awakening of human potential. Not only are new energies emerging but for the first time in history, the wisdom heritage of all our cultures and traditions is available for integration just as it is most needed.

There have always been temples and mystery schools on earth where the deep teachings on sexual and spiritual wisdom were practiced, developed and taught. These centers were often the hidden cause for the advancement of civilizations. Now we have a global civilization and these temples are once again emerging into the light, blossoming like chakras and nadi points as the light body of earth is awakened and energized.

They are no longer hidden and have at their core this newly emergent energy of planetary synthesis - the one life/Love in expression.

ISTA is in service to this life/Love. We are not an organization. We are an expression of a living organism, a movement of this one Love waking to itself, recognizing and synergizing through resonance with all those other expressions of itself around the world. We are part of an emerging universal and planetary evolution and we are delighted to be a part of it with you.

© 2016 ISTA : Please note that the International School of Temple Arts is a non-profit religious and educational organization. We rely on donations for services and are in gratitude for each and every attendee who contributes their time, donations and services. For this reason we have a no-refund policy on our registrations. If there is compelling reason a Participant cannot attend, we offer similar value in credit toward future events or offerings. A 10% admin fee will be applied. Each situation is treated with utmost compassion for the exchange involved.