Sacred Touch

  Australia & New Zealand Region

The theme for 2018 is coming back to ourselves as innocent, spiritual, sexual beings. The festival provides the space and opportunity to explore being free in who we are, to release shame and judgement that has been laid upon us around our sexuality.

We are excited to be offering for the first time a residential festival at Highden Manor in Palmerston North, a strongly held and beautifully facilitated space that is safe and accessible for most.

It is our most significant annual tribal gathering where we celebrate, share and introduce new people to the tribe and re-connect with existing members. We will be living as tribe and community over the three days within a full choice space, allowing ourselves to be free and in synergy. A space where we take full responsibility of our own experience.

Safety is paramount for these events and everyone is always at choice in what or to what level they wish to participate. People are also always at power to ask for what they need in any situation.

This event is suitable for beginners as well as for those experienced in conscious sexuality. You may be single, married, in a relationship or polyamorous. All sexual orientations are welcomed in this space. We strive to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is respected and honoured for their choices.

On offer will be daily yoga, delicious healthy food, 2 concurrently running streams of presentations with local and international facilitators experienced in the field of conscious sexuality. We will end our evenings with fun embodied experiences to ignite the senses and bring aliveness to our beings.

If you are interested to present at the festival; complete this form and return to us by 31 January 2018.

Private sessions with qualified therapists will also be on offer. If you are interested to offer one-on-one sessions, send us an email at [email protected]